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Our Leadership

Leadership built on commitment

The foundation of service and success

While always keeping our customers' varying needs in mind, our leadership draws inspiration and direction from their counterparts at our parent company. With decades of experience and careers built on successes, they set the example for our team. We are built for success on this foundation that supports us and our sister companies across the country.

At the Steel Dynamics Long Products Group, we have a breadth of experience, a clear vision and operational innovations that our leadership cultivates. Our combined values drive us to achieve our objectives year after year while our commitment to customer care and quality set us apart from other steel manufacturers.

Meet our leadership team

Chris Graham

Senior Vice President
Long Products Steel Group

Chris serves as Senior Vice President of the Long Products Steel Group. Previously, Chris served as Senior Vice President, Downstream Manufacturing, responsible for steel fabrication and downstream operations. He was also part of the teams that constructed the company's first two steel mills in Butler, Indiana, and Columbia City, Indiana.

Rob King

General Manager of Sales & Marketing
Long Products Steel Group

Rob serves as General Manager of Sales and Marketing for the Long Products Steel Group. Since joining SDI in 2011, Rob also has also served as the Sales Manager for both the Structural and Rail Division and the Roanoke Bar Division.

Chris Gionti

General Manager
Structural and Rail Division - Columbia City, IN

Chris serves as General Manager for the Columbia City, Indiana, facility. He started his career at SDI as a Plant Mechanical Engineer in 1998. During his tenure, Chris has served in various roles throughout the United States, including Rolling Mill Manager and Operations Manager.

Jerry Adams

General Manager
Roanoke Bar Division - Roanoke, VA

Jerry serves as General Manager for the Roanoke, Virginia, facility. Jerry began his career in the steel industry in 1988 when he was an Electrical Tech. During his tenure, he has had roles in operations and supervision as well as various management roles in mills throughout the United States.

Yury Krotov

General Manager
Engineered Bar Products Division - Pittsboro, IN

Yury serves as General Manager for the Pittsboro, Indiana, facility. Yury began his career with SDI at the Butler Flat Roll Division in 2000 as a Process Engineer. Most recently, Yury served as the General Manager at New Millennium Building Systems in Salem, Virginia. Yury earned a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA from Indiana University.

Michael Winarta

General Manager
SWVA Inc. - Huntington, WV

Michael serves as General Manager for the Huntington, West Virginia, facility. Michael began his career with SDI in 2000 as a Structural Engineer at New Millennium in Butler, Indiana, designing steel joist and decking products. Since 2013, Michael served as the General Manager at New Millennium in Hope, Arkansas. Michael earned his Master's in Structural Engineering from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.

Colby Luzier

General Manager
Vulcan Steel Products - Pellham, AL

Colby serves as General Manager for the Pelham, Alabama, facility. Colby came to SDI in 2017 as an Engineering Manager at New Millennium Building Systems. In 2018, Colby moved on to Customer Service Manager. In 2021, he became General Manager at Vulcan Steel Products.

Our dedication to customers, employees, stakeholders, and the environment is built on six core pillars:


The Fabric of Our Company

Creating and maintaining a safe work environment is core to our values. We want every team member to go home safely at the end of each shift, and take an active role in remaining safe, both on the job and at home. Our goal is zero incidents—no accidents, no lost workdays, no injuries. We will not be satisfied until our goal is achieved by taking team-based and personal responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe working environment at every location. Team members take an active role in safety so they make a concerted effort to be safe and look out for each other. Within our culture, we believe if you act safely at home, you'll also work safely on the job.


The Key to Our Success

Our entrepreneurial culture fosters a team of energetic, positive, driven, innovative, and diverse individuals by utilizing performance-based compensation aligned to our strategic focus. This results in our low-cost, safe, and efficient operations and the production of quality products.

Customer commitment

Solutions for Every Customer

We focus on remaining our customers' preferred supplier by providing outstanding products and unique supply-chain solutions that exceed expectations, as we anticipate their future needs and deliver greater value.


Disciplined, Sustainable, Transformational

We are one of the most diversified, high-margin product providers of any domestic steel producer. We focus on growth through capital-effective opportunities that leverage our existing culture and areas of expertise.


At Our Core

Through individual creativity and ingenuity, we drive innovation to improve safety, quality, productivity, and resource sustainability, implementing innovative technologies and processes in order to perform at the highest level and consistently achieve excellence in all that we do.

Financial strength

Sustainable Through the Cycle

We sustain lowest cost operating platforms through supply chain self-sufficiency, which reduces working capital. We maintain long-term sustainability of capital structure, with optionality through the business cycle. We take a disciplined approach to capital investments and superior returns.