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Threaded Rod

Fasteners that connect materials or stabilize structures

Designed to withstand extreme levels of pressure and tension, threaded rods are fasteners that achieve their goal thanks to the threading that causes a tightening action from rotational movement. The rod's threading allows other fixings like bolts and nuts to easily screw or fasten to it. Threaded rods have many applications, effectively working as a pin to fasten or connect two materials together. Also used to stabilize structures, they can be inserted into various materials like concrete, wood, or metal to either temporarily create a steady base during construction or they can be installed permanently.

Carbon and alloy rod

Carbon and Alloy Rod

Low-carbon and stainless-steel rods used in the installation of HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems as well as in the CLP hold-down system in multi-family construction.

Stainless steel threaded rod

Stainless-Steel Threaded Rod

Stainless-steel threaded rods provide higher corrosion resistance and are ideal for use in wet environments. Available in 304 and 316ss/B8 and B8 in sizes from .25" to 4".

Quenched and tempered rod

Quenched and Tempered Rod

For applications requiring high-strength ductile material, including oil and gas markets, bridge and infrastructure projects, alternative energy, and wind turbine and solar-power installation.