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Engineered hr bars on 16 inch mill cooling bed-Pittsboro

Engineered Bar

Engineered high-strength steel for unique customer needs

Special bar quality (SBQ) is specialized bar for end uses requiring unique characteristics such as engineered chemistries or mandated hardness. SBQ, also called "specialty bar," is typically high-strength carbon or alloy steel custom engineered to satisfy specific customer design criteria.

Finished Bars

Finished Bars

Straightening, turning, and polishing of round bars plus precision saw cutting, heat treating, and demagging.

Round Bar

Round Bar

Round bar used to produce parts for specific end uses. Standard lengths and a range of round bars are available in diameters from .875" to 9".

Round Corner Squares

Round-Cornered Squares

Round-cornered squares are used in forging steel applications. They are available in standard lengths with dimensions ranging from 2.75" to 9".