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Turned and polished round bars-Pittsboro


Custom steel bar engineered for maximum support

Our specialty-shape steel is custom engineered to meet a wide range of customers' needs. Typically used for heavy construction equipment, industrial truck masts and hanger bars, and guardrail posts. Available in various carbon-steel specialty shapes, a line of standard merchant shapes, light structural steel shapes, and truck-trailer beams.

Bulb Flats

Bulb Flats

With a shape that resists the buildup of corrosive debris and an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, bulb flat plate stiffeners are popular in ship building. Available in sizes ranging from 20 mm to 240 mm.

Hot Roll Rounds

Hot Roll Rounds (IQR)

Industrial quality (hot roll rounds) is used in many processing techniques. It is a relatively low-cost, mild steel known for its durability and weldability. This makes it ideal for many structural applications, including shafts, railings, frames, and other machinery parts.

Smooth round coil

Smooth Round Coil

Smooth round coil available in a variety of sizes and grades. Spool weights available from 4,400 pounds to 11,000 pounds.