The Steel Dynamics Long Products Steel Group is your source for long product steel needs

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Our Mission

Forging the future of steelmaking

Meeting the demand of the industries we serve

The Long Products Steel Group is driven to be your partner of choice for all your long product steel needs. We have always and will continue to make it our mission to be a reliable, leading source of high-quality steel products that meet the demand of the critical industries we serve. Our teams work diligently to provide the personal customer service of a smaller company backed by the resources of a larger company. We take pride in our products and services, ensuring the success of our customers.

Better manufacturing operations for a better future

At Steel Dynamics, we strive to operate our business in an intentionally sustainable manner. We support the use of new and emerging technologies and practices to consistently reduce our environmental footprint. Through our companywide performance-based incentive program, we encourage team members to create innovative solutions to increase efficiencies, reduce raw material usage, reuse secondary materials, and promote material conservation and recycling.

These efforts strengthen our position as an industry leader in sustainable steelmaking. We have exclusively used electric arc furnace (EAF) technology with recycled ferrous scrap as the primary input to limit our carbon emissions and promote sustainability.

Comprised of four EAF steel mills and four downstream processing and/or value-add facilities, the Long Products Steel Group's commitment to innovation and sustainability has contributed to its combined annual production capacity of 4.4 million tons of hot-rolled steel. Given the extremely high content of recycled steel used in EAF steelmaking, our products are well-suited to applications in which conformance to LEED and Green Building guidelines is a consideration.