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Semi-Finished billets-Columbia City


Semi-finished billets for special bar quality and merchant steel products

Our steel billets are produced via electric arc furnace (EAF) melting process and ladle metallurgy furnace (LMF) refining process. They are then solidified using continuous casting technology and are torch cut to the desired length.

Special bar quality (SBQ) practices such as vacuum tank degassing (VTD), electro-magnetic stirring (EMS) in the mold, and fully shrouded transfer of liquid steel from the ladle to tundish and tundish to mold are available at our mill in Columbia City, IN.

Enhanced merchant quality practices such as shrouding from ladle to tundish and argon shrouding from tundish to mold are available at our mill in Roanoke, VA.



We offer more than ten billet sizes that are readily available from 4" x 4" squares, to 10" x 14" rectangles, with the ability to produce custom sections as well.

Steel grades available are inclusive, but not limited to AISI; carbon steel (10XX and 15XX series), chromium molybdenum steel (41XX series), chromium steel (50xx and 51XX series), and nickel chromium molybdenum steel (86XX series).